Bringing the Victorian underworld of
England to life on the streets of today
...the Rapscallions are quite clearly a cut above the rest... ...the biggest talking point of all the events we’ve done with them... Andrew Mitchell-Stead, Events and Marketing Manager Gloucester Quays
See the Victorian period in colour!
Want us to look our best instead? We also portray the Victorian upper classes
They add a real sense of Victorian times to our events, are comedic, inventive, superb character actors Mhairi Smith
Events Manager Gloucester City


See and meet the people who were living by whatever means they could, the opportunist thieves, medicine men, coster girls, drunks and madams to name but a few - all of a dishonest nature.

These type of characters were in the majority but their lives are never really seen through re-enactment or street theatre.

Witness bare knuckle fights, games of chance and many other period correct scenarios, then relish the sight of the 'Peelers' who try to impart law over the disorder.

Victorian Entertainers

Talk and interact with the rapscallions of the day, but beware of the pick pockets and scoundrels who will take your last penny and then ask for more.

We choose to bring these people and their lives to the fore through our passionate interest in historical interpretation and interaction with the public.

With over 150 years of combined historical re enacting The Seven Dials Rapscallions go to extraordinary lengths to achieve a high standard of authenticity which makes us stand out against other Victorian portrayals you may see.

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